Do you have a lot of kitchen gadgets? Plenty of plates? Need somewhere to stash the good silver cutlery? If it feels like your benchtop and drawers are always a mess, this blog is for you! Our kitchen designers have listed eight clever tips to cut the kitchen clutter once and for all.

For more tips, talk to the designers at Farquhar Design Kitchens – we’ll bring your dream kitchen in Tauranga, Papamoa or Te Puke to life.

  1. Choose the Essentials

It makes sense for the kettle and toaster to live on the kitchen benchtop, but do the pasta maker and blender really need to stay out? The first step in kitchen organisation is to decide what items on your benchtop are necessities and find a new home for those not used daily.

  1. Use a Knife Magnet

Knives can be a hazard in the kitchen – you need to store them safely while keeping them accessible enough for regular use. The best solution for kitchen knives is a magnetic strip – hang one on the wall near the benchtop or stove. It will be safely out of reach of little hands while freeing up space in your cabinet drawers.

  1. Use Our Cabinet Hacks

If your cabinetry is bursting with tinned tomatoes and you can never find the baking powder, it’s time to rethink your cabinet. Try tiered cabinet shelves and drawer dividers. Opt for stackable containers and label them well. Use plastic storage bins to keep like ingredients all together. These simple cabinet hacks can go a long way, but for a more comprehensive cabinet makeover, our kitchen designers can help.

  1. Put Bulk Bags Away

Bulk shopping is excellent for the planet and your wallet, but these bags take up a lot of space, so once you’ve filled up your containers or jars, put the bulk bags away. Because you don’t need these items often, they belong in hard-to-reach kitchen shelves or, ideally, in a laundry or hallway cupboard.

  1. Try a Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

Full of mugs and vegetable peelers, the drying rack is one of the biggest space consumers in the kitchen. Consider saving valuable real estate by using a wall-mounted dish rack instead, freeing up bench space and enhancing drying and hygiene.

  1. Get a Kitchen Caddy

Salt and pepper, oil and vinegar, sugar and spices often come in and out of the cupboard several times a day. By putting these much-used ingredients in a basket or caddy, they won’t end up with permanent residence on your kitchen benchtop.

  1. Improve Planning

One of the best ways to cut the clutter is to increase your planning skills. Make use of a whiteboard inside your kitchen cupboard or a magnetic shopping list on your fridge to enhance organisation and the clutter will fade away.

  1. Call in the Experts

At Farquhar Design Kitchens, we make sure that every inch of your kitchen is working for you. We listen to your unique needs to design kitchens with no empty cupboard shelf or underused bit of benchtop. For clever storage solutions and superior kitchen renovations in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui or Te Puke, talk to FD Kitchens.