At Farquhar Design Kitchens, one of the biggest household complaints we hear is that the kitchen is too small. And we get it – small kitchens are often synonymous with stressful meals, limited cooking abilities and lack of family help during preparation and clean up.

But the problem with small kitchens is usually not the size as much as the design – and our kitchen design specialists have a slew of unusual renovation tricks to make the room feel bigger, look better and work more efficiently. If a small kitchen is making you think twice about your home in Tauranga, Papamoa or Te Puke, read on – we might just save you a call to the real estate agent!

Natural Light will Open the Room

Adding natural light is an absolute game changer with small kitchens. Sunlight streaming in brings an airiness to the kitchen, while dark rooms only feel dingy and small. Our kitchen designers can find potential that the untrained eye cannot see – build a window, change a door to be glass-paneled, or add a sunlight. The refreshing dose of natural light will give the illusion of more space.

Colour Plays an Important Role

A lot of what makes a small kitchen feel limited comes down to drab colour choices. Our Tauranga kitchen designers love to use a single bold and bright colour to draw the eye to an intriguing focal point. Whether it’s a mustard yellow backsplash, a bright blue oven or turquoise stools, the pop of colour will make the space exciting and distract eyes from the size of the room.

Find a Statement Piece

If you’re sick of guests commenting on how tiny your kitchen is, shut them up with a striking statement piece. Whether it’s a funky light, a floating shelf with a quirky mix of photos, plants and collectables, or a stylish photo frame, a statement piece can make a small kitchen look enviable.

Display Your Knives with Magnets

In small kitchens, storage space is at a premium, so whenever you can remove something from a shelf or cabinet, do so. A great option is displaying your knives on the wall with a magnetic strip. You’ll have extra room in the cutlery drawer – and it’ll make you look like a professional chef!

Use the Garage, Hallway or Spare Room

Can you store the freezer in the garage, the slow cooker in the hallway cupboard or the good silver in the spare room? Small kitchens are all about decluttering, so if there’s anything that isn’t used frequently, try finding another storage spot elsewhere in the house.

Hidden – or Absent – Hardware

It’s amazing how much space those drawer and cabinet handles can appear to take up in a small kitchen – why not get rid of them? Go with the streamlined look of push latches, or let’s come up with our own minimalist and tidy ideas, like hidden or integrated handles.

Before you give up on your dream home because of a nightmare kitchen, let the designers at Farquhar Design Kitchens use our unique renovation tricks to transform the space into a room you’ll love.